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Waterproof Coin Storage Box Compatible with 40+ NGC or PCGS Graded Coin Slabs - CASE ONLY

This hard-shell collectible coin case features an ultra-durable composite plastic exterior and impact-absorbing foam interior. The dense protective foam is customizable within a maximum usable space of 8.25" x 5.75" x 3.25". This coin box can accommodate about 40 PCGS or NGC graded coins with hard plastic sleeves. The customizable foam allows you to make padded slots for your collectible coin capsules. Don't settle for a flimsy, restrictive case for your coin collection - protect your valuables with a premium carrying bin.

customizable foam compartment casegraded coin slabs storage boxcustomizable foam block customization graded coins slab

customizable foam compartment casecustomizable foam compartment case

graded coin slabs storage boxgraded coin slabs storage box

customizable foam block customization graded coins slabcustomizable foam block customization graded coins slab

Collectible coin case features a customizable foam block that will store your valuable coin collection, along with top and bottom foam flats to keep items scratch free and safe.

Interior space: 8.25" x 5.75" x 3.25"


The customizable foam area can hold more than 40 PCGS coin holders, compatible with NGC coin slabs and other graded coin holders. The sturdy shell and protective foam keeps all items safe and ready.


Each foam block can be plucked at your discretion, whether you want to stack them vertically or on top of one another. Choose your own configuration (slots shown as example only) and create the perfect protective coin holder for your specific needs.


protective carrying casespadded waterproof box storagecarrying portable coin carrier

protective carrying casesprotective carrying cases

padded waterproof box storagepadded waterproof box storage

carrying portable coin carriercarrying portable coin carrier

Each case's hard shell exterior is constructed from ultra-durable hard polymer composite plastic, offering maximum impact protection.

Graded Coin Case Compatible with 40+ PCGS or NGC Coin Slabs, Waterproof Coin St

$64.99 Regular Price
$49.99Sale Price
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