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The SLAB-SAFE® Story

With the grading of sports cards exploding, people are looking for high-end cases in which to store their “newly” graded cards. SLAB-SAFE® provides a line of sports card cases ideal for shipping, storing and travelling with graded sports cards.

The brand was spawned from the need to ship higher value cards in something more durable, I hated shipping (and receiving) awesome slabs in flimsy cardboard. Enter the SLAB-SAFE® OG. In the last year we have added some additional products to the line, all of which you can see here -

This year we have some exciting new products launching including:


SLAB-SAFE® NFT, where limited edition cases (yes, the hard copy) will have on the cover an image that matches a limited # NFT

SLAB-SAFE® XX, this is a super heavy-duty fireproof and waterproof safe designed for storing ultra-high-end slabs


The SLAB-SAFE® brand has grown very quickly with explosive sales growth in the last 12 months! Up until now, we have only sold direct online - through channels like eBay, Amazon, and our website.

While the journey has not been easy, we are now comfortable enough with our product quality, supply chain, and customer base - we are ready to offer our products at wholesale prices to resellers like you.

We are very open to branding or co-branding and customization to help make our products yours. Bring your ideas and questions, looking forward to doing business with you!

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