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  • STAND OUT: Make your HGA graded card slabs stand apart from the rest by throwing it in a slab frame. Take that Pristine to the next level with our colored cases which will surely enhance the look of your personal collection. Perfect for basketball, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, Pokémon, MTG and Yu-Gi-Oh trading card collectors and investors.
  • PROTECT: No more slab scratches and dings! Slab frames provide additional protection for your precious HGA graded trading cards. Made out of a durable acrylic plastic, our cases will give you peace of mind knowing if they are accidently dropped or your dog gets a hold of it, your ivestment will remain safe.
  • ORGANIZE: Our slab frames are perfect for color coding your personal collection allowing you to easily identify your graded cards without having to search through the stack. Once applied, the cases are stackable so you can place them in a carrying case while headed to the next card show or put them away neatly in a box for safe keeping. Want to change colors? Our slab frames are are removeable allowing you to switch up colors whenever you like.
  • ENHANCE: Yes, the cards speak for themsleves but it never hurt to add a pop of color to match the sports team or card variation color.
  • BRAND SUPPORT: To our existing customers, thank you for your continued support. For our new and potential customers, please make sure to check out our centering tool, trading card tracker, thickness gauge tool and semi-rigid card holders also sold exclusivley on Amazon.

Slab Frames - Stackable Protective Case - Standard HGA Graded Cards

$29.00 Regular Price
$19.00Sale Price
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